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Frequently Asked Questions about the WolfPack Track Club

Frequently Asked Questions about WolfPack Track Club

 Q.  What is the Mission of BH PAL Running Program (WolfPack Track Club)?

 A.  The BH PAL mission is to introduce youth of all ages, socio-economic backgrounds and diverse skills levels to the sport of track. We dedicate our time to mentoring youth through athletics, while striving to improve their overall health, character and discipline as they grow into adolescents and adults. 

 Q.  What is USATF?

 A.  USATF (United States Association of Track & Field) is the governing body for track and field in the US. We are a member organization and as such all registered athletes obtain USATF membership in conjunction with their WTC membership through the BH PAL.

 Q.  When does the season begin?

 The official Track Season begins in March and runs through June. Cross Country begins end of August and runs through November / early December.


 Q. What are the age requirements for participation?

 A.  Must be between 2nd and 8th grade.

 Q.  Will my child(ren) compete against other children their age?

 A. Yes, competitive sports have age divisions for competition. There are six distinct age divisions in USATF and AAU (8U, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18). 

 Q.  How are age divisions determined for competition?

 The age divisions are determined by USATF and AAU.  The age of your child on the last day of the calendar year determines their age division classification.  Please refer to the Age Division page.


 Q.  Who coaches with WolfPack Track Club (WTC)?

 A.  Certified USATF Level 1 & 2 coach. The coaching staff, although volunteers, represent an expansive background in track & field. The coaching staff, were prep, collegiate track athletes. We provide supplementary training and development which fosters increased skill level development for our participating athletes.

 IMPORTANT: Our coaches undergo extensive background checks, are committed to the overall mission of the organization, and are registered with USATF.

 Q.  May I volunteer to coach as a parent?

 A.  This is at the discretion of Coach.  One possible stipulation when volunteering as a parent is your willingness to coach an age division other than that which you have a participating child.  While support is encouraged from parents, we want all athletes to receive training without bias.


 Q.  Where do you offer practice locations?

 A.  Our normal practice location is Governor Livingston High School and Columbia Park.

 Q.  How often does the club practice?

 A.  Spring Track - The club practices three days a week from March through June.
Fall Cross Country - The club practices three days a week from late August through November.

 Q.  What time is practice?

 A.  Practice varies per training group. We split the children into 3 groups based on experience, training years and current fitness level: elite / intermediate / beginner. Each player is unique and will be tested to see where they are so they train accordingly and with the appropriate group. Advance athletes train more and beginners train less. The training times for groups will be posted after assessments. Generally practice are held Monday (6:00pm-7:00pm), Wednesday (6:00pm-7:00pm) and Friday (6:00pm-7:00pm). Training times will get longer as conditioning improves. Training Locations are Governor Livingston H.S. and Columbia Park.

 Q.  Is practice ever cancelled due to inclement weather?

 A. Yes, appropriate notification will be done via text and email.  We're required to cancel practice when lightening occurs. We will practice in the rain.

 Q. What is my child required to wear to practice?

 A.  All members are required to report to practice wearing athletic gear (no jeans or skirts) and running shoes (no basketball shoes).  Members should also bring a backpack with extra clothing, sweats, shirts, gloves, hats, poncho for cooler days.

 Q.  How often are the competitive meets?

 A.  The number of developmental meets vary annually and participation may be determined by the parent(s) /guardian(s) during this pre-Junior Olympic competition period. Beginning in April, competitive meets schedule commence through June.

 Q. For “out of state” track meets, how far does the club travel?

 A.  All track meets during the pre-Junior Olympic competitive period are local and some within the tri-state area.


 Q.  Are parents allowed to watch practices?

 A.  Parents are allowed and encouraged to watch practice sessions. Parents are prohibited from interfering with practice and communicating with athletes or coaches during practice unless in the case of an emergency. Only athletes and coaches are permitted in training areas.

 Q.  Will we have any input in what events our child competes in?

 A.  Your input is welcome, but the coaching staff is 100% responsible for determining which competitive events your child will participate in during the Junior Olympic competition. Coaches have the autonomy to change competitive events, that are in the best interest of the athlete and the club. The goal of the coaching staff is to identify the event which best matches the skill and performance level of athletes based on current and previous performances.

 Q.  Are there additional expenses required by the athlete?

 A.  The athletes/parents are responsible for uniforms, warm-ups, transportation, meals and lodging to all meets.  Purchasing a good pair of running shoes and spikes is also needed.

 Q.  How does the club communicate information?

 A.  Through the Team Website, Attendance APP, email and text messages. Notification will be made prior to season commencing. 

 Q.  What does my athlete need to wear and eat during a meet?

 A.  Please refer to our website for the Meet checklist page regarding a list of items needed.  


 Q.  How do I register my child?

 A. Club members are required to register on-line through the BH PALs website  The Running Program registration is announced via Berkeley Heights PAL email. Club membership includes training and track meet activities.  To actively participate in any track events and receive training from WolfPack Track Club, you must join the USATF and AAU

Q.  Why do I have to create an account?

 A. Creating an account establishes a means of communication and record keeping. You can review balances, insurance coverage, receive account updates, pay any balances or fees and make any changes needed for participation in club activities. You keep this account as long as you are a member of the club.

 Q.  Can a multi-sport athlete register?

 A.  Yes, we have athletes which are registered in multiple sports. Should there be scheduling conflicts resulting in an absence during practice and competitive meets, please advise the coach so that his/her schedule can be adjusted.

 Q.  My child participates in track & field in school, may they still register?

 A.  Yes, we encourage you to register your child with the club although they participate in track and field at school. Parents often utilize our program for supplemental training.  Athletes competing in high school cannot compete in our clubs meets till they finish their school season.

 Q.  What does the registration fee include?

A.  The registration fee for the running program covers training time, track equipment, team liability insurance, meet fees and other expenses related to operation.  Additional meet fees may be assessed for the Junior Olympic qualifying meets.

 Q.  How do I pay for registration?

 A.  Registration is paid on-line by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express only), which is our preferred method on the Berkeley Heights PAL website.

 Q.  Are registration fees refundable?

 A.  Registration fees are refundable on a case by case bases (injury, moving, etc).


 Q.  How much are uniforms?

 A.  Racing kit (tank-top and shorts) cost less then $100. You don't have to get warm-ups but it's encouraged. Link to uniform is on the WolfPack website and once ordered it ships to your home.


 Q.  What makes WolfPack Track Club different from other clubs?

 A.  Our club was founded on fundamental values of integrity, excellence and commitment. WTC promotes a family oriented and welcoming environment. We do not promote the recruitment of athletes and rather participants find our mission complimentary to their core values and objectives.

We accept all interested candidates regardless of their skill level. We are hoping to hone the athletes fundamental skills in the elementary and middle school ages with the hope they will carry the desire to compete in high school and have a successful career and beyond. We are excited that we get a chance to work with athletes at a young age in hope to fulfill their potential. We are not a specialty club, thus youth are provided complete bio-mechanic training and complete track fundamentals.  We do pride ourselves on assisting athletes with pre-high school athletic development to facilitate their athletic transition and become a fitter person.

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